Text should be text

Text should be text


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This whole website is being generated by Hugo. It is an awesome static site generator and is ultra fast. One principle that led me to use static site generators is because:

Text should be text

i.e. any textual contents should be stored as text. Static site generators like Hugo works with plain-old text files. You could throw away these files anywhere and you could even print them for backups. And, when needed just upload it to a new server for instant recovery.

That, unfortunately, is not the case with dynamic Wordpress-like systems. You would need to backup files, databases (remember mysql-dump or pg_dump?). God, it is hard to take backups and

you don’t know whether that backup works or not until you have to restore it.

I know I am exaggerating but since maintaining your blog is not your full-time job (unless it is), performing regular maintenance and backups are not free. They take away your time.

Anyway, the point is text should be text, not a row in production-grade, scalable, fault-tolerant relational database that is in 5NF, unless that text is the only thing you have.

Thanks for reading this jungle of thoughts. If you just scrolled upto here without reading, then, remember mouse wheel do wear and tear.